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The unique design of the OHA Drill Index makes this section a valuable training guide for finding flaws and correcting them.

Here's how it works

The OHA Drills index allows members to search by any one of four methods:

(1) Drills to Develop
Drills to Correct
(3) Drill Name
(4) Contact Pattern

After selecting a specific mechanical flaw such as "Casting", a pop-up window appears, listing specific drills to correct "Casting". Also, Tips and "Coaching Cues" are provided.

After selecting a specific drill such as "Towel Drill", a pop-up window of the "Towel Drill" appears. Each drill contains a Purpose, Equipment/Setup, Explanation, Illustrated Pictures, and Teaching Tips.

By resizing windows, members can view a library defintion, photo illustration, and drill page simultaneously. Hitting instruction has never before been so interactive and easy to use.

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