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We know you've heard from numerous sources that hitting is the single most difficult skill in all sport. If that is true, "breaking bad habits" must run a close second. Many bad habits in hitting result from not understanding the basic fundamentals of the swing from day one. Getting started the right way can help insure success with this difficult skill. Regardless how different professional hitters start and finish, they are virtually the same at several key points during the swing. Since hitting is already extremely difficult, the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple smart) is advised. The purpose of Hitting 101 - The OHA Guide to Getting Started Right is to provide you with general guidelines to teach the basics fundamentals of the swing.

For organizational purposes, Hitting 101 is structured similar to the OHA Hitting and Mechanics Checklist. It is a systematic teaching approach that is linked with the OHA Library terms, illustrations, and the OHA Drill index. Use the links to the library for more detail on each term. Printing out the checklist can be useful as an outline in teaching hitting.

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