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    batter iconOHA Frequently Asked Questions and Help Files
"I think I have arrived on this page by mistake.
Now what do I do?"

The OHA website is designed as a study site and uses pop up windows. This allows you to have several windows open at the same time - an article relating to your topic of study, a picture showing the problem, a drill that helps correct the problem...etc. See the overview below on how to use the pop-up windows to your advantage in your study sessions.

The OHA website's pop up feature depends on Javascripts. The Javascript feature of your browser must be turned on. (This feature's default is that it's probably already on for you although some folks may cut this off to do away with pop up ads.) See below for enabling Javascript if you have to...

The OHA site has been optomized for Explorer 4 and up, Netscape 4 and up and AOL 5 and up. Links to both are provided below. Even if you use Netscape as your regular browser, you may want to consider downloading Explorer to use exclusively for the OHA site, although the site does check out favorably in Netscape. It is okay to have several browsers on your desktop and use them interchangeably.

Q: "How do I use the pop-up windows to my advantage?"
A: The design of the OHA site incorporates pop-up windows as a powerful teaching tool - several pages can be displayed on the desktop at once, allowing for the study of related content from different pages of the site. The windows can be rearranged and resized on the desktop for study and can also be minimized to the taskbar for later off-line viewing. The use of pop-up windows also allows easier navigation within such a large site as the OHA.

Example of an OHA study session with the pop-up windows: From the Drills button, the OHA Drills index allows members to search by any one of four methods: (1) Drills to Develop - (2) Drills to Correct - (3) Drill Name - (4) Contact Pattern.

Select a specific mechanical flaw such as "Casting", which lists specific drills to correct "casting". ( "Tips and Coaching Cues" are provided on this page as well. )

After selecting a specific drill such as "Fence Drill", a window of the drill pops upon top of the page you were just viewing. You can then resize this window so that you can see the window that you just came from at the same time. Each drill contains a Purpose, Equipment/Setup, Explanation, Illustrated Pictures and Teaching Tips.

By resizing windows a member can view a library definition, photo illustration and drill page simultaneously. This lets you study related material from several pages at once - by resizing the popup windows.

*Note on pop-up windows:
- If you have minimized a window to the taskbar and you later click on a link within the site that calls for that page - the page will not open within the site. It is already open, but minimized to the taskbar on your desktop. Just close that window to be able to open it from within the site again. Or just reopen it as you need it from the task bar.
- Check for windows now and then that may get covered by the window above it as you click and drag the windows around the desktop. These windows will not open from a link within the site as well since they are already open on your desktop. (It is advised to not have more than a few windows open at a time, depending on your computer's resources and memory).

Q: "Why can't I access some pages on the OHA site?"
A: Only OHA members can access all areas of the website. Become a member for full access. If you are already a member and you are having trouble accessing pages, your current login session may have expired - just log back in from the Member's Login button on the homepage of the site.

Q: "How much does the Online Hitting Academy membership cost?"
A: Membership in the OHA is a one time $29.95 (US) fee for unlimited access to the site. This is a one time fee - you will never be re-billed. We delete your card info after it has run. Coaches, players and parents use the OHA site each ball season to trouble shoot and correct hitting problems.

* New members immediately qualify to receive the OHA Hitting and Pitching Stat Program download. (a $29.95 value in itself!) Follow the link to the download page and follow the instructions to receive the program.

Q: "Is it really safe to use my credit card on the internet?"
A: Most credit card transactions are transmitted over the internet, whether or not you are aware of it. Even when giving your info over the phone, the clerk probably enters it into a point of sale authorization terminal which transmits directly over the internet with the same encryption currently available in most web browsers. The OHA's credit card application development was designed by the same group programming for companies such as Hewlet Packard, PayPal and Digidesign, etc. and is a secured connection. (Your card number is deleted from the OHA database after the transaction as well.

Q: "Is there a way I can join the OHA without a credit card?"
A: Yes. Click on the "Enroll" button on the Homepage of the site. (This is Enroll Step One.) Choose a User Name and Password -- Click "Validate" to make sure that what you entered is okay to use. If okay, Click "Continue". (This is Enroll Step Two). Type in the info. After filling out this page - on your browser, Click "File" and then "Print". Jot your Username and Password down on the printed form and, with a Money Order in the amount of $29.95, mail to:
Online Hitting Academy - P.O. Box 2593 - Weaverville, NC 28787.
We'll enter you in the database and then email you a confirmation. (Thanks!....The whole OHA Membership welcomes you to the academy!)

Q: "The online hitting academy looks funny in my browser. What is causing this?"
A: The OHA website is optimized for Internet Explorer versions 4 and up. You can use Netscape Navigator versions 4 and up, although we recommend Explorer. The website works in AOL versions 5 and up as well. These are the main browsers we support. (Most other browsers should work as well but let us know if you have a problem.)

Q: "I'm on AOL and the OHA site does not seem to work properly. What can I do?"
A: The site works fine in AOL -- version 5 and up.
A: To use another browser along with AOL, AOL recommends that you use Netscape although the Explorer browser does work fine. (Please let OHA Support know if you continue to have difficulties in AOL.)

If you need to download Netscape from AOL:

On the AOL Taskbar, Click Key Words: Netscape.
This will take you the Netscape homepage - look for "Download" on this page.

You can have more than one browser on your computer at the same time. You can still continue to use the AOL browser as your default browser. After you have downloaded Netscape, minimize the AOL browser to the taskbar (don't exit AOL or it will take you off the internet - just minimize the browser) and then open Netscape.
You can then proceed to the OHA site at www.hittingacademy.com

Q:"How do I make sure my browser's Javascript function is enabled?"
A: For the full study features of the OHA website to be utilized, the Java function of your browser must be enabled.

Explorer: Click VIEW, click INTERNET OPTIONS and click the ADVANCED tab. Scroll down to Java Vm and, click the check-box for "Java JIT compiler enabled".

Netscape: Click EDIT, click PREFERENCES and click ADVANCED. Click the check boxes to select: "Automatically load images", "Enable Java", and "Enable style sheets".

Q: "When I click on a link I get a 'server error', 'file not found', or some other error. Why is this?"
A: Try loading the page again in case the programming did not 'set itself up' when the link was clicked. This also may be a temporary problem due to site maintenance, or the result of an oversight. Please Report Dead Links or email the OHA Main Office Email to help us keep the OHA website running smoothly.Click to announce bad link.(Thank you!)

Q: "The new issue is supposed to be published but I'm still seeing the old one. What's wrong?"
A: Try holding down the shift key while clicking your browser's 'Refresh/Reload' button.

Q: "How do I suggest my web site for the Online Hitting Academy's links page?"
A: On the bottom of each Links Page is a SUBMIT LINK button. Clicking this link will take you to the OHA Link Submission Form. After completing the form and submitting, your site will be reviewed by our team of editors and added to our links page as long as it is baseball or softball related and is family oriented. (Please let us know if you mistakenly go to the wrong site after clicking a link from the OHA Links Pages). Also let us know if your website address has changed so that we can update the OHA link to your site.

Q: "How will I be notitfied if I win the Dugout Drawing?"
A: You will be notified from the OHA by email and then by email from the affiliate who is sponsoring the contest. See Contest Rules

Q: "How do I contact the Online Hitting Academy?"
A: The OHA Main Office can be contacted via email at: online@hittingacademy.com

Q: "How do I obtain Technical Assistance?"
A: OHA Support can be contacted via the OHA Tech Help Form. OHA Tech Support Tech Help will respond within 24 hours.

Q: "I can't log on. What could be wrong?"
A: First make sure that you are online. Sometimes, after being online awhile with no activity on a page a 'timeout error' may occur. (This is a timeout from your internet service provider)

The OHA is designed for "reading and study" sessions. Just log back on for continued use after a session has expired. You'll like the feature of being able to leave the OHA website during a session and, when you return to the OHA during the time period - you don't have to log back on - you immediately go to the Member's Sitemap after clicking the Login button on the Homepage. Session management by the OHA is a security feature that performs automatic logout so that no one else will have access to your account if you leave your computer on while still logged in on the site. (Closing your browser also logs you out.)

Contact OHA Tech Support if you continue to have problems.

Q: "I think I've arrived on this FAQ/Help page by mistake. Now what do I do?"
A: Your OHA session may have expired. (See preceeding Question and Answer.) Re-login to begin a new session. Contact OHA Tech Support if you continue to have a problem. Click the following homepage link to login through the Member's button. OHA Homepage

Q: "Can anyone submit a Guest Feature article and, how do I go about submitting an article?"
A: Consider writing a guest article for the OHA. Share your ideas with other hitting enthusiasts! Benefits from your posted article include a link to your personal website within the article along with a bio page on you with your link (also linked on every Guest Feature following yours). These pages are archived, so, the high-lighted link to your website could bring you traffic on and on from the OHA site.... Members and non-members alike can submit Guest articles - as often as you like. Click here to submit Guest Feature Article.

Q: "I can't remember my password."
A: Make sure that you are typing your name and password correctly. If you have forgotton your password, click here or click the password remind link on the Member Login Page. You will immediately be reminded by email after submitting the form. Two emails will be sent for security reasons (username and password). Make sure that you use the same email address that you used on the OHA Enrollment form. If your email address has changed since becoming a member you'll need to contact OHA Tech Help. (You can update your email address by clicking the Member Profile link on the Member's Sitemap page whenevr you are logged into the site.)

  Click to contact OHA Tech Support
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