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Joe Barth, Jr.
Team Doc

Joe Barth, Jr.
The Hit Doctor Camps

Joe Barth, Jr. is one of the finest hitting instructors in the country--bar none! Joe has an uncanny ability to diagnose faults in hitters, an immediate prescribe a program that will be effective in making positive change.


The Hit Doctor Camps are the concept of Director Joe Barth, Jr. head coach of the powerhouse Brooklawn, NJ Post # 72 American Legion Baseball Team…a team with a proud 50-year tradition.

Founded and still managed by Joe's Father, Joe Barth, Sr., Brooklawn Legion is recognized nationwide as one of the finest baseball programs in the country. Since Joe, Jr. took over as head coach in 1981, Brooklawn has posted 14 NJ State Championships (21 overall), 5 times State Runner-ups, and 6 Regional Championships (9 overall), with trips to the American Legion World Series in 1984, (National Runner-up), 1991 (National Champions), 1992, 1994, 1998, and 1999. In the World Youth Games, Joe's teams were Gold Medallist in 99, 96, 95, and 92, Silver Medallist in 97, 98, 91, 90, and Bronze Medallist in 93.

Joe has been running camps for players of all ages since 1984, and has always been dedicated to giving players the highest quality of instruction, while keeping the fun in the game he loves. He is considered by both college and professional coaches to be one of the finest hitting instructors in America today. His comprehensive, individualized training system for hitters is unlike anything normally offered in camp situations. When a player participates in a Hit Doctor camp, he emerges after only one week with a workable program he can stay with for the rest of his career!

For the past 7 years, Joe and his staff have been traveling all over the country during the off-season with his All-American Baseball Talent Showcase national exposure camps for elite high school players. Joe has taken some of the best ideas and drills at each position from the top coaches in the nation, and combined them into what they consider to be the ultimate training program for young players.

The Hit Doctor Camps have been an overwhelming success from coast to coast, because of the tremendous staff Joe has assembled, and because The Hit Doctor makes learning the proper way to play baseball fun!

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